Friends, Family, & Home Thematic Unit (K-2)



This is a printable pack of 13 pages that includes what you’ll need to study friends, family, and home. Perfect for both homeschool and classroom use.

Friends and family thematic unit.001

Family Theme Printables Include

* All about myself and my neighborhood self-made book template
* “We’re a Mix” people in their life activity showing how friends and family shape them
* “Build Your house” shape and drawing activity
* “My Family Tree” graphing and family tree creation activity. It also studies types of family trees and how each are different.

Supplies you will need for this week’s unit: 
* crayons and/or colored pencils
* scissors
* Brads, a folder, stapler, or note card rings
* A pencil

Objectives and skills covered in the Home Thematic Unit Study:

* Fine motor skills
* Listening and comprehension
* Graphing and timeline order
* Interpreting graphs
* Shape recognition and abstract application
* Storytelling
* Recognizing uniqueness of people & families
* Following directions

Kara is an author, wife, and mother of 3 children living in Boston, MA. She has her degree in Secondary Education & Adolescent Childhood Development and is passionate about connecting with and even helping other parents on their journey to raise awesome kids!


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