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Family Reset Challenge: How to communicate with, respond to, and love kids well

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Are you looking for parenting strategies that will help...

> Start meaningful conversations with your children that they're willing to have?

> Understand your kids better?

> Cut down on defiance?

> Proactively build a strong bond with your child so you're who they talk to challenging moments?

> Learn strategies to stay more consistent as a parent?

> Gain confidence in the choices you make for your kids?

How old is your oldest OR most challenging child?

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Join the "Family Reset Challenge" online parent workshop to go through strategies in understand your kids, their needs, and how to handle it all with a bit more  balance and control.

Family Reset Challenge Parent Workshop is a 7-day challenge to

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    Learn to "date your child" in order to know each of them individually and more completely.
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    Equip you with new conflict resolution strategies.
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    Strive towards greater family unity.
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    Dive deeper into providing for the emotional & developmental needs of your kids.


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