Here is how to use books and travel for homeschool

An epic roadschool adventure by the Extremely Good Parenting team using books and travel to make learning come to life. 

Our Roadschool Unit Studies 

Click on the book image to be taken to individual locations and book titles. If you can't click it, we're not done compiling information! Under each book title we will have an estimate of when to expect at least the first post or social media mention will appear. Each Unit will be ever-evolving because for instance the Revolutionary War unit will start in January, but we will revisit it when we drive through Philadelphia in March.

January 8

January 28

January 29

January 31

February 2

February 4

February 6

February 8

February 13

March 5

And more unit studies to come afterwards! We have everything planned through December 2019!

Why we decided to take our kids out of school and hit the road:

I was a former high school Social Studies teacher and really saw the importance in making learning fun and engaging. We sent our oldest child to a great school, a private school even, but the flexibility to be able to educate our kids on a timeline that was more suitable to their needs was appealing.

Helping our kids understand topics by making history, reading, and all subjects come to life through hands-on learning and real life places is an invaluable experience we couldn't pass up.

Kara Carrero

History is alive and teaching in a classroom doesn't best allow students to fully experience its rich complexity. Traditional school means you're learning from pictures in a book or a page, but even teachers haven't necessarily been there. After exposing kids to basic information, they can have firsthand experiences and develop root memories to tie new knowledge that they learn. 

What if all we ever do is read about an event? Is that a strong enough memory to anchor our education to? 

Chris Carrero

Want to follow along?

Whether you're a teacher looking for great field trip ideas, a parent wanting educational vacation spots, or a homeschooler ready to take your kids on the road or at the very least make the books you study have more value and substance, follow our journeys and get the latest news.

What's next on the reading & travel list:

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  • Sybil Ludington: Revolutionary War Rider
  • Magic Tree House # 22 - Revolutionary War on a Wednesday
  • Boxcar Children
  • In their own words: Paul Revere
  • Fighting for Equal Rights: Susan B. Anthony
  • Magic Tree House #29 - A Big day for Baseball
  • The Fenway Foul-Up
  • The Boxcar Children - The Niagara Falls Mystery
  • Magic Tree House # 54 - Balto
  • Balto and the Great Race
  • Magic Tree House # 47 - Abe Lincoln at Last!
  • Magic Tree House # 21 - Civil War
  • Who Was Ulysses S. Grant?
  • Magic Tree House # 17 - Tonight on the Titanic
  • The Titanic Sinks! 
  • Magic Tree House # 18 - Buffalo Before Breakfast
  • Sarah, Plain and Tall
  • Moonwalk: The 1st Trip to the Moon
  • Magic Tree House # 23 - Twister on a Tuesday
  • The Magic School Bus: Twister Trouble
  • Belinda's Hurricane
  • The Diamond and the Boy
  • Who was Elvis?
  • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
  • Where is the Mississippi River?
  • Who was Davy Crocket?
  • Lizzie's War
  • Who Was Andrew Jackson?
  • The Dark Zone: Exploring the World of Caves
  • A Day at Monticello
  • Who Was George Washington?
  • Magic Tree House #53 
  • Magic Tree House #39 
  • Sh! We're Writing the Constitution
  • Electric Ben
  • Now and Ben
  • Larry Gets Lost in Philadelphia
  • Saving the Liberty Bell
  • In their own words: Betsy Ross
  • In their own words: Thomas Edison
  • Magic Tree House #50 - Houdini
  • Magic Tree House #36
  • Bully for You, Teddy Roosevelt!
  • Dear Dr. Bell... Your Friend Helen Keller

  • Boston, MA - Freedom Trail
    • Boston Common
    • Massachusetts State House
    • Old South Meeting House
    • Boston Massacre Site
    • Paul Revere House
    • Bunker Hill Monument
    • USS Constitution
    • Copp's HIll Burying Ground
    • Old State House
    • Old North Church
    • King's Chapel and Burying Ground
  • Lexington and Concord, MA - Minuteman National Park
  • Albany, NY
  • Stillwater, NY - Battle of Saratoga
  • Cooperstown, NY -  Baseball Hall of Fame
  • Niagara Falls
  • Branson, MO - Titanic Museum
  • Bartlesville, OK - Woolaroc Museum and Bison Wildlife Preserve
  • Tulsa, OK - Air and Space Museum
  • Oklahoma City, OK - National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum
  • Norman, OK - National Weather Museum
  • Murfreesboro, AR - Crater of Diamonds State Park
  • Mississippi River
  • Memphis, TN - Graceland
  • Nashville, TN 
  • Franklin, TN
  • Mammoth Cave
  • Louisville, KY
  • Monticello
  • Mount Vernon
  • Washington D.C.
  • Baltimore, MD - Aquarium
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • New York City, NY
  • Oyster BayNY - Teddy Roosevelt's Final Home
  • Watertown, MA - Perkins School for the Blind

Hit the road with us!

We'll be posting new information for both homeschoolers and educators to use books paired with educational field trips in order to make learning come to life!


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