Revolutionary War Unit:
Book and Field Trip Guide

Our roadschool adventures using books and travel to make the American Revolution come to life!

When we started homeschooling, we decided that the single most important difference between our kids being in a classroom and being educated by us was the opportunity to make history, concepts, and learning come to life. So we started seeking out the best American Revolution field trip locations across the United States and what books we could pair with each visit. 

It turned into so much more. We have compiled amazing lists of games, videos, and activities to learn about the Revolutionary War and make it more meaningful. Please visit each of the location sites by clicking the images below to find even more information and learning resources, specifically relating to that topic. We do not have them all listed here. 

American Revolutionary War Unit Study - Books, Field Trips, games, and activity guide. #ReadingComesAlive #ExtremelyGoodParenting #KaraCarrero

[color-box] All of our units are suitable for all ages. I am a former High School history teacher now homeschooling my young kids. So while what we're doing focuses on the elementary years, it's easily adaptable for higher learning levels. In fact, I have found that many times even older kids can greatly benefit from reading some of the "boiled down" versions of history in children's books as a supplement to higher level literature and textbooks. [/color-box]

This page is always evolving - we will continue to add more locations, resources, etc. as we complete our travels and studies! We will include links to products and great resources. Some of them are affiliate links & we earn from qualifying purchases.

Lexington Concord Field Trip locations learning objectives #readingcomesalive #extremelygoodparenting #karacarrero

Books about the Revolutionary War

All of the books listed below are what we have used in our unit study. 

  • If you lived at the time of the American Revolution
  • You wouldn't want to be at the Boston Tea Party
  • Thomas Paine Crusader for Liberty
  • The Colonial Minuteman
  • The Start of the Revolutionary War
  • Paul Revere's Ride
  • Farmer George Plants a Nation
  • Magic Tree House: #22 Revolutionary War on a Wednesday
  • Sybil Ludington Revolutionary War Rider

Educational Videos about Colonial Times and the Revolutionary War

  • School House Rock The Shot Heard 'Round the World
  • School House Rock Great American Melting Pot
  • Liberty Kids on DVD or on YouTube

Games to play associated with the 1700s in the American Colonies

  • Hanabi
  • Battleship 
  • Risk
  • Professor Noggins 

American Revolution Field Trip Locations We Visited

  • Boston Tea Party Museum
  • Lexington and Concord / Minuteman National Park
  • Freedom Trail Boston, MA
  • Crossing of the Delaware
  • Saratoga National Park
  • Philadelphia
    • Museum of the American Revolution
    • Independence Hall
    • Constitution Museum
    • Franklin Institute
    • Franklin Museum/Post Office
  • Mount Vernon
  • Monticello
Other great locations
  • National Archives
  • Valley Forge
  • King's Mountain National Military Park
  • Colonial National Historic Park
  • National Museum of American History - Smithsonian

Hit the road with us!

We'll be posting new information for both homeschoolers and educators to use books paired with educational field trips in order to make learning come to life!


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