Reading Comes Alive - Roadschool FAQ

An epic roadschool adventure by the Extremely Good Parenting team using books and travel to make learning come to life. 

Who are we?

We're the Carrero Family! We have a family of [almost] 6:

  • Chris - dad and "professional student" as he never stops learning or getting new degrees. 
  • Kara - pregnant momma with a Bachelor's of Science in Education.
  • Jenn - 1st Grader
  • Emma - Pk/K
  • Rhett - tot schooler
  • ...and a TBD baby on the way in May.

How are you making roadschooling happen?

Grandma is flying into Boston to help Kara and the 3 kids drive for approximately a week across the country. We'll then visit family in the heart of the USA for a month. Then Chris is flying in and we're spending two weeks driving home on a completely different route!

But because we live on the East Coast, we're also taking advantage of the rich history that surrounds us both in terms of museums and historic landmarks. 

We have paid out of pocket and have done a lot to minimize our cost. For instance, we're using points for hotels when possible, bringing an instant pot with us, and of course taking advantage of as many free locations as possible. 

How did you pack to homeschool on the road?

We've tried to maximize our space by taking out one of the seats in our Honda Odyssey and pack minimally in terms of clothes in duffel bags. Of course we have homeschool materials with us including books and activities, but we also have snacks, an ice chest, games, and a beloved 3 quart instant pot to be able to save money by cooking meals along the way. We only have one single stroller and it's a GB Pockit that folds into a super compact rectangle

We'll share more details soon! 

Have a question?

Email us at Be sure to put "Roadschool" or "Reading Comes Alive" as your subject!

Hit the road with us!

We'll be posting new information for both homeschoolers and educators to use books paired with educational field trips in order to make learning come to life!


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