Eat the Clock! Instant Pot Recipes Cookbook


Snag our favorite family Instant Pot Recipes. Plus you’ll get a cheat sheet and 10 pages of helpful tips, tricks, and information to save you time cooking dinner. And since it’s hands-off, ultimately allow you to maximize the time while it’s cooking too. This is a downloadable and printable PDF.


Don’t sacrifice time with your kids slaving over a hot stove!

Pick up this easy to use, concise cookbook along with your electric pressure cooker to have some crowd-pleasing favorite meals your whole family will love.

Get this instant pot cookbook for busy families. It's great for owners that are new to pressure cooking because they're all easy! Plus there's a quick start guide with tips, tricks, and information. All recipes will be on the table

Kara is an author, wife, and mother of 3 children living in Boston, MA. She has her degree in Secondary Education & Adolescent Childhood Development and is passionate about connecting with and even helping other parents on their journey to raise awesome kids!


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