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Weekly Learning Themes Planning Bundle


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Whether your school year is 36 weeks or 52, this planner will help get you started. It is organized so that activities and themes are relevant. Intended age for activities is Pre-k to 1st or 2nd grade.

The idea is to have at least one project or learning concept every day. In this bundle you will get both a book inventory list to fill in what you have as well as an activity lit of what we will be doing and offering throughout the year. Each unit will have a printable pack that you can download once we have completed it; therefore, as we prepare and even complete projects, more activities and printables will come available.

Weekly themes planning bundle.001

Plan out your learning themes in conjunction with a 36 or 52 week school year. The theme correlate to popular holidays, seasons, and events in a timely manner. List out a book for each day that supplements the thematic study. Couple this with the weekly Learning Theme Unit Activity Planner for your day-to-day themes to be planned for you!

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