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As a part of Booking Across the USA, we are excited to be able to showcase our great state! There are so many wonderful ways to do this, but the one thing that the Travels with Charlie book inspired us to do was explore Oklahoma Route 66. This meant getting on the road, exploring the unique, the bizarre, and the historic. It was a great way to explore Oklahoma even with a toddler and have a lot of fun doing it.

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When we were done checking out some of the great landmarks from Tulsa to Oklahoma City, we sat down to debrief our adventures. This included re-reading the section on Oklahoma in the Blue Apples Books Travels by Charlie Book, browsing through pictures, and making a fun craft highlighting some of our favorite places along the way. Read more to check out our craft and pictures from our adventures.

This post was written in correlation with the Booking Across the USA project sponsored by Blue Apple Books. I received a free Book on the Midwest in exchange for this post. Thank you for your interest in Oklahoma’s Route 66 and in the books mentioned. 

Historic Route 66 Oklahoma - Catoosa Whale

For us, we loved the Route 66 Oklahoma had to offer. there are so many unique and interesting places that it was hard to choose just a few. Our family loves the old-fashioned diner in Tulsa named Tally’s Cafe. It’s good food and a great experience. Also in the Tulsa area is the Golden Driller and the Blue Whale. Both are noteworthy and unique parts of Route 66 in Oklahoma.

Eating at Tally's Cafe on Route 66 in Tulsa

Further down Oklahoma’s Route 66, there’s the Round Barn and Pops gas station. Pops is an awesome place to visit at night because of the towering fluorescent soda bottle that is appropriately sixty-six feet tall. Even if you never plan to visit Oklahoma, it’s a fun website to visit to see a virtual tour. We spent an evening eating there, admiring the grounds, and exploring the thousands of different flavors of sodas they offer.

Visit Pops on Route 66 - Arcadia, OK

In Oklahoma City on Route 66, there is an old Braum’s Milk Jug and Gold dome that hold historic places in many of the hearts of the residents. We also admired the Oklahoma State Capitol Building from along historic Route 66. West of OKC in El Reno, we got some awesome onion burgers at Sid’s and ended our journey.

Oklahoma Route 66 Mobile Craft

What you need:
– Cardboard
– Paper
– String, twine, or fishing line
– Markers & colored pencils
– Scissors and hole punch

1. Use your cardboard (this can be even an old cereal box or a piece of recycling) and cut out a basic shape of Oklahoma. You and your child(ren) can color and decorate the back side of Oklahoma as you wish. The other side will show Route 66 with dots along the road indicating your favorite historic points. Draw the road and label each point you  are going to include.

Our 5 route 66 landmarks and how we colored them

2. With your plain paper, draw, color, and cut out your points of interest. For instance, look at a picture of the blue whale and draw a representation of the whale. For older kids as an Oklahoma History project, have them write on the other side of the landmark. For secondary students, they can write a thesis statement assessing the importance of the landmark, for primary kids, they can write their favorite aspect of that site.

3. Now take your hole punch and punch each landmark and tie some twine through it. Attach the other end to the dot on your map. You can do this by punching a small hole at the spot in the map and tying a knot through the top or with tape or hot glue. (Note: make sure you vary the length of the twine. We did it to where it somewhat showed a hanging version of Route 66.

Oklahoma Route 66 Mobile Finished Product

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For all 50 states and their crafts and activities, be sure to explore the links!  


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      Thanks so much! Since we covered a lot of ground, it was a good way to visualize and recap our travels.

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    Oh, FUN kicks! Love how you made this special. The mobile and attractions look so fun. :)

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      It most definitely was a LOT of fun and great memories. Tally’s is now one of our favorite restaurants when we visit Tulsa. Who doesn’t love that old diner feel? :) Thanks so much for your comment!

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    I’ve never been to Oklahoma before… but now I feel like I gotta go visit. The whale and Pops soda bottle look amazing!

  3. Terrie Chapman says

    This is awesome. It sounds like a trip my girls would love!

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    What fun landmarks! Love your pictures and your idea for the mobile. Super neat! Thanks so much for participating in Booking Across the USA.

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