Earth Day: Kids Can Make a Difference

Karyn from Teach Beside Me explore ways that kids can make a difference this Earth Day. Sometimes it’s easy to push the simple tasks aside, but those little habits over time can make the biggest difference in the longevity of our planet. Learn how you can make a difference and your children can do the same!


I have always loved Earth Day. I love the idea of protecting and preserving our planet- leaving it better than when we left it. I have always been a lover of nature and the beauties that it offers. This Earth Day I wanted to educate my children to help them better understand the difference they can make every day to make the Earth a better place.

How can kids make a difference this Earth Day? I decided to come up with a few simple ways kids can make a difference in their own way.

12 Ways Kids Can Make a Difference This Earth Day

(and every day)



1. Learn about recycling and participate in it by recycling your garbage. My kids help me with this all the time by setting aside the cans, bottles and newspapers that need to be recycled.

2. Clean up trash in your neighborhood and remember never to litter. We like to do this regularly on our walks. If you are out walking with your kids, bring a grocery bag to collect trash that you see. Or, make a planned activity and gather trash in an area that is very messy.


3. Plant a tree each year. We like to plant a tree in our yard each Earth Day! This year we are planting a cherry tree. Last year we planted an apple tree.
We are excited to eventually benefit from these trees, too!

4. Save energy in your home by turning off lights, and unplugging un-used electronics. This is a constant struggle in our house, but I am trying to teach my kids to turn things off! :)

5. Use less water. Don’t let the water run for long periods of time. Turn it off when brushing your teeth. Take shorter showers. Don’t run the sprinklers during the hottest hours of the day.

planting with kids

6. Grow a garden! Feed your family this summer from your garden.

7. Protect and preserve natural wildlife in your area. Do not litter or walk in areas where there are no trails.


8. Produce less garbage. Use re-usable bags and containers instead of disposable ones. See if you can pack garbage-free lunches.

9. Walk or ride your bike instead of driving to locations close to your home. This causes less pollution.

10. Feed the birds– fill up your bird feeders!

11. Donate things you do not use to charity. This is another form of recycling!

12. Plant wildflowers that are native to your area. This helps to restore the local wildlife.

Don’t forget to read more from the Ultimate Earth Day Guide or Browse my Earth Month & Natural Parenting Resource!

blog-button-3Karyn is a homeschool mom of four and a former school teacher. She blogs at Teach Beside Me. She loves to share posts on fun educational activities for kids.
She is also a big fan of baking which she shares on her cooking blog. She loves to run, sew, craft, cook, sing, and read.


  1. says

    I love these ideas! Even young kids can help with these, so that helping the earth isn’t even an issue to them – it’s just the way it’s always been for them! :)

    • says

      Exactly! If it’s second-nature to them, it’s not a bad habit they have to change as an adult when it becomes a bigger problem!

  2. says

    I love these ideas!!! My hubby and I were just drooling over a cherry tree at the market this morning, imagining all the homegrown goodness…I’ll have to go back and buy it and tell him it’s for Earth day, lol!!! And bird feeders, too – I love these ideas! What a fun way to teach respect for nature!

    • says

      Thank you! I thought they were great too. And if you have an excuse then you should definitely go for it! 😉 I will be your enabler.

    • says

      Absolutely Karyn, thank YOU! Your ideas are resonating well with others. I love being able to show the diversity of people from around the globe and their view points and ideas… we are all striving for the same goal and it makes it seem so much more attainable than just one person’s voice.

  3. AYuMa says

    Thank you for your information. That ideas so creative and fun! I love that ideas !

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