Celebrating Mothers’ Day from the Couch

mom and babyCelebrating Mothers’ Day is different. It’s not like last year when it was exciting like I was newly a part of the club, or like the year before when I didn’t know if I counted or not. This year I am spending Mothers’ Day on the couch as I cherish the sweet moments with my toddler as I anticipate the time that soon will come when she is not the only person in the world making me a mother.

This mothers’ day I get to ponder what it means to be a mother and how it has changed me. I am pondering how my unborn child has already and will continue to be different and have different demands.

With my daughter, I had zero morning sickness. There was not a day I even felt slightly nauseous or anything but glowing. However, she was a frank breech baby. The end of my pregnancy with her was emotionally agonizing because there were so many uncertainties.

This time, I have yet to have a day of peace from nausea. I feel like I am dying from the inside out and even sent a text to a friend one day telling her that if I didn’t make it I willed my small fortune in vitamins and supplements to her. What a difference! This child already needs me in new ways than Cassi ever did. And I am sure this pregnancy and labor will also present different challenges, or maybe even a lack-there-of… I can hope, right?!

How we announced our pregnancy

Our family is expecting a new addition in the winter and it’s something we all look forward to. For me it is both a source of joy and a source of anxiety. I anxiously await childbirth in a new way this time. After having labored for so many hours at home and in the hospital, but winding up with an emergency cesarean, I am even more goal oriented and motivated than I was before. I am focused on a calm and easy birth at home.

While motherhood has never been easy, today I feel ok spending Mothers’ Day on the couch.

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    Congratulations on #2, and Happy Mother’s Day! We’re expecting #2 and like you, I had a variety of symptoms that I didn’t have with the first pregnancy. Feel better mama!

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      Thanks so much Betsy and congrats to you too! It’s crazy how different daily life is. I guess it’s just preparing us, right?!

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    Kara, I hear you on this one! Last year I was so much sicker with my most recent pregnancy and you are right that each child is different and teaches us different motherhood lessons. Beautiful and challenging at the same time. Soak it all up!

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      Thank you for the encouragement Jaimi! It is an exciting adventure, but definitely ready to not be nauseous or have migraines.

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