Using Old Bottle Caps: Preschool Summer Science

Bottle caps of all shapes, sizes, textures, and materials are something we typically find a lot of in our house. They can make great craft supplies and toys before getting recycled, so we are always looking for ways to use our stash. (We do have a collection of bottle caps that is a variety that we always keep too!).

Sink or Float Bottle Caps Summer Science Activity | Preschool and Tot School Ideas from ALLterNATIVElearning

In the past we have used bottle caps for an entire tot school unit on lids and fasteners, but this time we decided to make it a summer science experiment. It has been over 90 degrees Fahrenheit the past few days, so today we got out and enjoyed it with some water play.

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Before we went outside, we collected all types of bottle caps. We got all the plastic ones like milk jug lids, pouch caps, and others. We then collected the heavier, metal ones like from soda and beer bottles, spaghetti jars, etc.. We put them all into one big container to then dump in our tub. We also collected gadgets from the kitchen to play with and aid in our experiment and fishing game (Included were an Egg white separator and a Spider Strainer)

Fishing for bottle tops | Skimming the floating lids with an egg separator

We dumped in our lids and bottle caps and watched to see which ones sank and which ones floated. Then, she used her egg white separator to skim the lids off the top and the spider strainer to retrieve the ones off the bottom. All of this fun lasted for almost an entire hour. She also built things out of the lids and just enjoyed her time in the sun. For me, this was a fabulous time of watching and encouraging without having to be super involved, and right now that’s a great thing!

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      Thanks! She hasn’t experienced anything like it yet, so it was definitely fun. :)

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      You can definitely not go wrong with some good water play!

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    The weather is getting so warm around here, my little guy would just love getting outside to do this activity!

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      Our weather went from a little chilly to extremely hot the next day which is why we did it 😉 I hope you both enjoy it!!

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